Thursday, October 22, 2009

CD Review: Rising Gael's Irish Music

One More Day

For a group that has members at schools in Texas, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts, Rising Gael's tunes on One More Day showcases what magic happens when stars collide in the recording studio. They are a folk-Celtic group made up of lead vocalist/flutist/tin whistler, Erin Ellison and her compatriots, Peter Tissot (guitar, percussion, keyboards, bass, banjo), Katie Dionne (fiddle, step dancing), and Jeff Olson (bodhran, bagpipes, harmonica and percussion). The group is not particularly traditional in the typical sense, as it is New Celtic music based on traditional tunes. A hint of Leahy, Corrs, and April Verch are found throughout the tracks. Sweet lyrics, groovy interludes, and Gaelic/Celtic nostalgia is a foundational element of Rising Gael. If you are looking for great music for studying, coffee shop talk, or the festival scene, Rising Gael definitely rises high. ~ Matthew Forss

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