Friday, February 19, 2010

CD Review: France's Latcho Drom

Latcho Drom

Deborah 1999

Fremeaux & Associes

Formed in 1993, the French-jazz-gypsy group, Latcho Drom, performs traditional and modern gypsy tunes and rhythms. Do not confuse Latcho Drom with the musical documentary of the same title by Tony Gatlin. In both cases, Latcho Drom translates to 'safe journey'. For Latcho Drom, Deborah 1999 contains instruments such as violin, guitar, contrebass, piano, percussion, and accordion. There is a ballad, 'La vie en rose', by Louiguy and Piaf that is highly indicative of the sultry sounds emanating from a smoky, nightclub somewhere in Paris. There are slower songs and brisk fiddling and guitar playing of tornadic proportions with excellent precision. Though, Latcho Drom excels at any speed, style, and rhythm. Almost entirely instrumental, Deborah 1999 is another fine chapter in Latcho Drom's musical history of life-inspiring tsigane/gypsy music. Liner notes in French. ~ Matthew Forss

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