Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CD Review: Adham Shaikh's 'Basswalla'

Adham Shaikh
Black Swan Records

Adham Shaikh's dedication to ambient and electronic music forms began nearly twenty-five years. Basswalla is an interpretation of earlier songs, but new tracks appear, too. The instrumental gems are punctuated by sporadic vocals throughout. However, the instrumental prowess of Adham's music is at the forefront. There are urban elements, South Asian fusion, electronic wizardry, and trance-driven honey that flows from creative places within Adham's soul for all to enjoy. There are some atmospheric moments, as well as percussion-driven displays of superior musicianship in places. Most of the tracks are fairly long: many songs over five minutes, which are great for a worthwhile and value-packed album. The various songs are permeated with South Asian percussion, wind instruments, and electronic blurbs that are wrapped around a delicious, urban beat that stands alone. Every track is great. Buy it today! ~ Matthew Forss

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