Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CD Review: Sea Sew Is Not So So

Lisa Hannigan
Sea Sew
ATO Records

Ireland's folksy crooner, Lisa Hannigan, brings us a set of simple and sweet songs to chew on. With some diverse song titles ranging from "Venn Diagram", "Splishy Splashy", and "Pistachio", she offers a glimpse into her avant-garde, musical repertoire. Lisa's voice is similar in tone and range to Heide Talbot (Ireland) and Karine Polwart (Scotland). The instruments used include harmonium, guitar, drums, xylophone, bass, trumpet, glockenspiel, violin, cello, and organ. Lisa's voice is also indicative of former-trip hop singer, Lamb. I think a vocal comparison with a combined talents of Beth Orton (UK) and Leigh Nash (USA) of Six Pence None The Richer fame, represent a not too far-fetched comparison. Moreover, Sea Sew contains a touch of downtempo, a handful of folk, and a hint of avant-garde. Put simply, an amalgation of styles is packed into one album. However, the primary musical vein of Sea Sew is best described as folk, and it never feels inorganic or forced. In short, Sea Sew is anything but so-so. ~ Matthew Forss

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