Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CD Review: 70 Years Of Cuba's Orquesta Aragon

Orquesta Aragon
The 70th Anniversary Album 1939-2009 [4 CD BOX SET]

Orquesta Aragon's humble beginnings began when Rufino Roque (piano), Rene Gonzalvez (violin), Filiberto Depestre (violin), Paulito Romay (vocals), Noelie Molejon (guiro), Efrain Loyola (flute), Orestes Varona (timbales) and Orestes Aragon (double bass) came together in Cuba in 1939. The result has been an extraordinary musical journey to the soul of Cuba's musical spirit. Clearly a band for the world, Orquesta Aragon has been enchanting crowds throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the USA. The four cds in this attractive long box set include hours of classic, Cuban music that made Orquesta Aragon so popular with listeners and dancers alike. In addition, a 24-page booklet tracks the band's beginnings and line-up changes throughout the years. Perhaps fans of the Buena Vista Social Club should make Orquesta Aragon a part of their listening repertoire. Of course, traditional Cuban music fans probably already own music by Orquesta Aragon, but this set should be on the top of everyone's list. Enjoy the summer with the sounds of Orquesta Aragon! ~ Matthew Forss

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