Sunday, December 6, 2009

CD Review: Abaji's Origine Orients

Origine Orients
Absilone Music
Born in Beirut, Lebanon to parents of Turkish, Syrian, Greek, and Armenian lineage, Abaji is quite the instrumentarian. He has collected nearly 250+ instruments from the Mediterranean region, South America, Europe and the Middle East. Abaji plays the duduk, oud, bouzouki, daf, Bali flute, saz, harmonica, kemenche, and a few other instruments throughout the album. His folksy, bluesy Mediterranean concoctions eschew an earthly resonance of multiple ethnic roots. Moreover, Abaji sings in five different languages, including French, Arabic, Greek, Armenian, and Turkish. The entire album was recorded over two days and is void of re-recording and remastering of the tracks into a polished and commercialized piece of character-less matter. However, Origine Orients is a beautiful work of art that echoes back centuries ago to it's ancient roots along the Silk Road. At times, the instrumental medleys remind one of Australia's multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist, Xavier Rudd. Abaji's musical journey is contemplative, energetic, inspiring, and always imaginative. Nicely done! ~ Matthew Forss

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