Sunday, June 27, 2010

CD Review: Girish's 'Diamonds In The Sun'

Diamonds In The Sun
Independent Release

Girish is an American vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, and harmonium player with a relaxed, yet intelligent approach to music creation. Specifically, Girish studied yoga, meditation and ancient Sanskrit texts and chants, some of which are incorporated throughout the album. Importantly, this is not a lack-luster attempt at spiritual enlightenment through music. Instead, Girish produces lively, Sanskrit and English-language tracks with pleasant rhythms and folksy vocals all performed under the larger umbrella of the New Age/World Music label. Girish is joined by a plethora of musicians with instruments ranging from the esraj, mandolin, sarangi, piano, violin, and various brass and strings. Altogether, Diamonds In The Sun is a 'brilliant' album in a genre all its own - appropriately defined as 'yoga-pop'. The title track would probably be a perfect single for the genre in a yoga-pop Top 10 list. Listen to Girish bring light into your world. Shine on, shine on! ~ Matthew Forss

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