Sunday, June 13, 2010

CD Review: Kat Parra's Sephardic Songs

Dos Amantes
JazzMa Records

Sephardic songstress, Kat Parra, brings us another fine set of songs with an Afro-Latin twist. Kat sings in multiple languages, including Ladino, Spanish, English, and Portuguese. The lyrics provided in the liner notes are mostly Spanish/Ladino and English. Each song is subtitled with a general music category for easy reference. These categories include rumba, afro-peruvian lando, sephardic world jazz, afro-latin, north african jazz, afro-cuban, and afro-caribbean. Consequently, the album's musical arrangements mimic the abovementioned musical cultures. However, Kat's musicianship still retains a unique sound with limited brass and string compositions and a mix of woodwinds, keyboards, bass, varied percussion, and drums. The romantic sounds of Kat's voice and the instruments appropriately encapsulates the true essence of Dos Amantes (Two Lovers). A classy release from a classy vocalist! ~ Matthew Forss

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