Thursday, September 27, 2012

CD Review: Isra-Alien's 'Somewhere Is Here!'

Somewhere Is Here!

Born in Israel and based in New York, Isra-Alien bring us an energetic set of mostly instrumental songs on nylon string guitar and steel string guitar. Isra-Alien is Oren Neiman and Gilad Ben Zvi. The guitar duo explore the worlds of Mediterranean Seas, Middle East, Balkan lands, and Sephardic/Klezmer/Yiddish components all by guitar. The guitar stylings are not too far off from flamenco, but there is a good dose of experimental guitar music here. Anyone with a fascination for new age guitar, Jewish guitar music, Middle Eastern guitar music, and instrumental tunes should love Isra-Alien. Somewhere Is Here! contains something for everyone no matter where they reside. ~ Matthew Forss

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