Thursday, December 13, 2012

CD Review: Eric EQ Young's 'Just 4 You'

Eric EQ Young
Just 4 You

The sultry soul sounds of Eric's slap bass, the heady percussion section, jazzy horns, and magnificent keyboards celebrate the funky, urban, down-tempo chill genres with effortless fluidity and absolute humility. The handful of songs represent a mature musical expression that only comes from years of instrumental playing and innovative musicianship. "Dance With Me" opens with some jazzy elements and industrial, metallic, urban funk sounds. The dance track is beaming with groovy hooks and back-up vocals that find a happy medium accompanying Eric's lead vocals.  "Just 4 You" is a more relaxed, down-tempo song that shimmers with jazz, funk, and soul inflections that include some reverberating B3 sounds, glistening percussion accents, and soulful vocals. "Let's Ride" is a more upbeat jazzy track that includes some piano keys, danceable percussion, and groovy leanings that border on jazz, soul, and funk all the way. The slap bass solo near the end of the song is a stand-out performance. The music is full of infectious hooks, riffs, and licks that are never grating or boring. Fans of jazz, funk, urban, soul, gospel, and contemporary pop music will find the relatively small collection of songs to be very enthralling and refreshing. ~ Matthew Forss

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EQ young said...

Matt, thank you for taking the time to review my music! happy holidays to you!