Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CD Review: Daby Toure's 'Amonafi'

Daby Toure 

Daby Toure comes from Mauritania--a Saharan country in North Africa. However, his music is trans-African and even trans-global in nature. It is filled with catchy Afro-pop hooks from the get-go. He achieved worldwide fame with Stereo Spirit and Diam--and now Amonafi continues to celebrate his unique voicings and guitar styles. Many of the songs build upon earlier song styles on previous albums, but Daby creates all new music that is slightly different overall. There are a few very characteristic Daby Toure songs here, including "Oma," "Emma," "Little Song," "If You," "Debho," and "Soninko." Amonafi, which means, 'once upon a time,' in the Wolof language, is a great analogy to what Daby does best: tell stories in an infectious, musical pattern with diverse vocal ranges and scintillating guitar-work. ~ Matthew Forss

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