Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CD Review: Kuku's 'Ballads and Blasphemy'

Ballads and Blasphemy
Buda Musique

Steeped in Yoruban traditions and Western arrangements, Kuku creates an engaging and thought-provoking mix of Afro-pop gold and roots music. The famous Tony Allen lends his talents on "Waya" and "Owo." The album revolves around Kuku's own agnosticism when it comes to religion, which is relatively pronounced here. Still, the melodies and rhythms are great and never boring. The sparkling guitar tones and heady percussion suggest West African influences with a little Afro-Latin action, too. Nevertheless, the album shines on all cylinders--even if you cannot understand the lyrics or song origins. "La Derniere Fois" is rather bluesy with languid vocals and steady percussion. Some of the songs are in English, but Kuku breaks language barriers here. This is another high-quality release from Buda Musique! ~ Matthew Forss

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KUKU said...

Peace, love, and gratitude for your kind words Sir Matthew Forss. Thank you for sharing my vibes with the Inside World Music audience. Myself and my team hope to bring the album to stages in the US soon.
Happy Summer Wishes to You and Yours.