Tuesday, October 13, 2015

CD Review: Tamy's 'Caieira'

Zip Records

Bossa nova styles have graced the airwaves and stages around the world for decades, yet it continues to be a source of inspiration and creativity for artists of today. Tamy lives and breathes bossa nova and mixes it with subtle jazz, neo-classical, pop, and folk styles on her debut release. Fourteen tracks showcase Tamy's beautiful voice and instrumental arrangements. There are laid-back creations full of bossa nova flavor, such as "Serena," "Eu To Com Voce," "Te Esperei," "Caieira," "Me Diz," and a few others. The Portuguese-laced song lyrics are steeped in Brazilian traditions. The assorted percussion, light guitar work, delicate vocals, and breezy melodies take on a rather light-hearted release. However, there are some nods to African musical styles on "Mae Africa," as well as more upbeat pop and rock sounds on "Dava Pra Ver." Overall, there is something for everyone here. Fans of Brazilian music with a contemporary edge will find Tamy in their playlist quite often. ~ Matthew Forss

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