Friday, May 21, 2010

CD Review: Mali's Bako Dagnon

Bako Dagnon

Malian songstress, Bako Dagnon, fuses traditional music with contemporary styles on guitar, drums, and bass. Sidiba is the second release from Bako Dagnon and it does not disappoint. Bako's vocals resemble the music of fellow countrywomen, Oumou Sangare and Rokia Traore. Eleven vocal songs with charismatic back-up vocals and lilting Afro-pop melodies indicative of the contemporary music emanating from Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, and Guinea. The French influence in West Africa is definitely prominent in contemporary music recordings. Sidiba contains some tracks partly influence by French elements, notably in the guitar playing. The combination of instruments and vocal styles ranging from Biriko to Maninka and Bambara provide a relaxing and satisfying listening experience. Anyone with a passion for West African music should add Sidiba to the collection today. ~ Matthew Forss

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