Friday, May 21, 2010

CD Review: Ghalia Benali & Bert Cornelis

Al Palna

The Tunisian and Belgian duo, Ghalia Benali and Bert Cornelis present songs from a place of complete inner beauty. Essentially, Ghalia's classical voice and Bert's sitar work along with additional instrumentation bridging the gap between North Africa and South Asia are the result of an eclectic group of musicians from Iraq, India and Morocco. The dreamy, almost meditative quality of the instruments and sparse vocals unleash the mind's heightened states of wellbeing. The translation of 'Al Palna' is The Cradle. In that regard, the music reminds one of child-like wonderment and innocence. The musical nature of Al Palna is well-suited for fans of traditional Middle Eastern and North African music. If you are a fan of inventive sitar playing, Sufi-like and Sheila Chandra-esque vocals, then begin with the music from the 'cradle'. ~ Matthew Forss

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