Friday, May 14, 2010

CD Review: On Breezy Shores with Cape Verde's Carmen Souza

Protegid (released 6/8/2010)

Cape Verde's Carmen Souza brings us an inspired, soulful and relaxing set of tunes in the morna style indicative of the East-Central Atlantic region. The most striking quality of the songs is the uncanny similarity to lounge jazz pop standards. The poppy percussion, spritely vocalizations and piano playing remind one of a Latin lounge jazz club somewhere in Praia or Sao Paulo. At any rate, Cesaria Evora is the most noted singer of the morna style from Cape Verde. Though, a handful of rising stars continue the morna tradition with subtle contemporary arrangements reflecting a more global perspective. The seemingly cheery melodies are somewhat tinged with elements of sorrow and mourning, which represent a truly bluesy and jazzy feel throughout the album. Protegid is a protege for how great sounding Cape Verdean music should be made today and in the future. ~ Matthew Forss

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