Thursday, September 9, 2010

CD Review: Ekow Alabi - 'Going For Gold'

Going For Gold

Ghana's Ekow Alabi is joined by a plethora of backing musicians on vocals, horns, guitars, flute, kalimba, keyboards, organ, and others. Going For Gold is essentially an Afro-pop release with contributing musicians from Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Kenya. All of the songs feature vocals. A few tracks, notably 'Oye Kor', 'Accra Jumping', and 'Asante Sana', include great rap lyrics. However, Going For Gold is not particularly a rap or hip hop album. In addition to Afro-pop and Afro-beat, Going For Gold touches on a few reggae-infused tracks, including 'Wonsa Beka' and 'Rasta Efutu'. Most of the songs are sung in Akan, Ga, Swahili, and English. The complex instrumentation and expert lyrical delivery presents listeners with a very good musical package. Ekow Alabi's latest release is good as 'gold' to all who listen. ~ Matthew Forss

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