Thursday, September 9, 2010

CD Review: Toussaint's 'Black Gold'

Black Gold

The soulful vocalist, Toussaint, represents an embodiment of a new form of reggae music with Afro-Caribbean and American roots. It can be appropriately called 'reggae soul' or 'reggae roots music'. Though, reggae music is largely a socially based creative construction that also includes personal tragedy, triumph, and power. Toussaint provides an engaging listening experience spanning fifteen songs all sung in English. Black Gold's reggae ties are entwined with funk, jazz, soul, R&B, and folk/rock elements. The diverse instrumentation with reggae elements, classical jazz, island soul, and earthy vocals are characteristic signatures of Toussaint's musical abilities. Notably, not a single weak track exists on Black Gold. As a whole, Toussaint's 'golden' voice secures Black Gold's legacy as an invaluable addition for anyone interested in reggae soul and reggae roots music. ~ Matthew Forss

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