Friday, September 10, 2010

CD Review: Roots of Chicha 2

Various Artists
The Roots of Chicha 2

The psychedelic music of Peruvian slums is showcased from the recordings of the 1960's through early 1980's on The Roots of Chicha 2. Chicha is not only a musical movement, but a fermented beverage indigenous to South America. Chicha is the Peruvian equivalent of cumbia music that incorporates European instruments, South American beats, and West African styles. The result is a Latin-driven, trance-inducing musical mixture of psychedelic proportions. It is not quite salsa, bolero, merengue...or anything else you've heard before! It features eleven bands including Los Wemblers, Chacalon, Manzanita, Grupo Celeste, Ranil, and more. In essence, the cultural acceptance, or lack thereof, remained remarkably similar to the situation of rai music's social unacceptance in North African society. The 'underground' sound of chicha is refreshing, unique, and enjoyable. Find your Roots of Chicha today! ~ Matthew Forss

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