Tuesday, September 22, 2015

CD Review: Mara Measor's 'Naked Prayers'

Mara Measor
Naked Prayers

Chinese-American songstress, writer, and actor, Mara Measor, brings us a lively mix of personal songs with quaint instrumentation, sweet vocals, and spiritual undertones. Naked Prayers is a nine-track album under forty-minutes in length that contains several uplifting songs. In fact, all of the songs are really good with varying aural textures, melodies, and light rhythms bordering on new age-pop or alternative pop. Mara's sweet vocals resemble the Canadian group, Dala, as well as the U.K.'s Katie Melua, with similar instrumental set-ups akin to the former. The final number, "Love Will Find You," seems like a throwback to the funky, jazz standards of the 1970's. The calming and essentially word-less song, "Ooh," is a spiritual wonder with only Mara's voice leading the song and a distant thud of a drum. "You Saw Me" is a pensive, piano-driven song with guitars and percussion that are truly beautiful. All in all, Mara succeeds in creating a gorgeous album with memorable melodies, sweet vocals, and an underlying message of "good" without sacrificing anything. ~ Matthew Forss

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