Friday, June 24, 2011

CD Review: The Mattson 2's 'Feeling Hands'

Feeling Hands

Jared and Jonathan Mattson bring us a different kind of jazz with Feeling Hands. In this case, their hands are quite apt at the drum kit, various percussion, guitar, bass, piano, and horn arrangements. This is not your typical jazz ensemble. Feeling Hands has to be exact. Yes, the surf jazz, punk, and folk-rock genres from the land of sand and sun are eloquently reinvented by the talents of the Mattsons. An array of other instruments add a touch of classic, Brazilian or Latin melodies with sounds of relaxation. All of the songs are instrumental. The additional horn, sax, and string accompaniment sets the stage for some classical leanings that are fresh and perfectly aligned with surf jazz music. The spacious riffs are delicately produced without the interference of vocals or seemingly disparate genres. Anyone with an interest in surf music, jazz, South American, and instrumental music will find The Mattson 2 pleasantly satsifying. ~ Matthew Forss

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