Friday, June 24, 2011

CD Review: Pistolera's 'El Desierto y La Ciudad'

El Desierto y La Ciudad


The Mexican-American repertoire of Pistolera is largely relegated to the alternative folk, rock, and ballad genres. Band leader and songwriter, Sandra Velasquez, performs songs with the clear artistic vision of Lila Downs and the dark grittiness of Germany's Ersatzmusika. Though seemingly disparate comparisons, Pistolera and Ersatzmusika contain the similar gritty guitars, deep bass, and accordion. However, Pistolera is still full of lively Latin-tinged percussion and dance ballads with all of the finesse of an elite songstress. Of course, there are more energetic, urban tracks, such as "Escucha," "Todo Se Cae," and "Ponle Frenos." The blaring horns, lively percussion, excellent vocals, and Latin mystique, serve as a wonderful mix of music bridging two countries together. If what you seek are some great tunes in the vein of Think of One, Lila Downs, and Erstazmusika, then Pistolera will please you beyond belief. Spanish vocals and some song descriptions are included in Spanish. ~ Matthew Forss

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