Friday, June 17, 2011

CD Review: Tareq Abboushi & Shusmo's 'Mumtastic'

Tareq Abboushi & Shusmo



The Palestinian-raised Tareq Abboushi celebrates a progressive set of Middle Eastern music with a flair for the instrumental, funky, and danceability of a New York-based quintet of modern music. Though, the classical Arabic sound is inherent in all of the tracks. Mumtastic is roughly translated from Arabic to mean 'fantastic' and 'excellent'. The contemporary beats are not created by electronic wizardry or electronic guitars. Rather, the music is by the buzuq (lute), clarinet, zurna, drum set, congas, cajon, timbales, bass, riq, durbakkeh, cymbals, and assorted percussion. Some vocals are provided by Tareq Abboushi, though the majority of the songs are entirely instrumental. Overall, Mumtastic is a riotous musical journey with influences ranging from the Balkans, the Mediterranean, North Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia. For listeners desiring an ethnic dance experience without much of the modern-day electronic accompaniment, Mumtastic will surely please all senses. ~ Matthew Forss

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