Sunday, June 5, 2011

CD Review: Da Cruz' 'Sistema Subversiva'

Sistema Subversiva

The Swiss-based Da Cruz is not an alpenhorn ensemble. On the contrary, it is an urban album of gritty, funky, and electronically-groovy tracks reflecting a South American and African presence. The contemporary beat of "Chega," "Boom Boom Boom," "Jangada," and others, turn the world upside down with a well-balanced set of music that is both Brazilian dance music and somewhat frenetic North American club music without the chintzy effects and endless, head-pounding club beats. Still, the music is largely urban-centered with some electrified bossa nova and funk with an electronic foundation. The album contains rather rudimentary instrumentation of programming, guitars, drums, bass, trumpet, sax, percussion, and Da Cruz' voice. Despite the limited instrumental repertoire, Sistema Subversiva is still an album with infectious beats, contemporary sounds, and a Brazilian edge that dispels myths of everything that has to come out of Brazil must be 'boss nova' or 'Carnaval'-related music. Da Cruz puts a new, fresh face on the sounds of Brazil (and Africa) via Switzerland. ~ Matthew Forss

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