Thursday, February 5, 2015

CD Review: Lawson Rollins' 'Traveler'

Lawson Rollins
Infinita Records

Many influences grace the sounds on Traveler by Lawson Rollins. The instrumental tunes represent a romp through world jazz, flamenco, lounge, improvisation, and even Latin America. The fiery guitar stylings, edgy percussion, flashy horns, punchy piano, and lively strings from the hands of Mads Tolling, Charlie Bisharat, Randy Tico, Dave Bryant, Cameron Stone, and even some Big Dad Voodoo Daddy members. The spritely strings and earthy rhythms of "Cafe Paris" conjures up images of gypsy, Roma, or Cape Verdean sounds, most likely due to the clarinet. "Berlin Bossa" incorporates some Bach influences, while "Meeting In Madrid" fuses jazz with flamenco and roots for a truly exciting journey. There are twelve tracks to enjoy for over an hour of fun. Each tune is new and reveals a varied array of influences that are never dull or unimaginative. Lawson takes listeners on musical journeys that are fun-filled and authentic. Your first trip should be to your local music store or online retailer for Traveler. No fluff here. ~ Matthew Forss

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