Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CD Review: Radius' 'Seven Tales'

Seven Tales

Justine and Harris are the duo, Radius, hailing from New Zealand. Their music of choice revolves around roots, jazz, folk, old-time, experimental, and instrumental with a dash of world fusion. The seven-track release, aptly-titled, Seven Tales, is a relaxing, instrumental effort with rustic dobro, sweeping sax melodies, plucked guitars, and the occasional banjo and ukulele. The soft sax creates a moving and meditative spirit to the music without sounding too jazz-centered or cheesy. The spacious dobro hints at Western connotations that matches the creative ingenuity of the late-Bob Brozman. At any rate, Radius is a small part in the circle of life, but it brings with it great music and memorable melodies. Perfect for contemplation and meditation, but energetic enough to keep one awake. ~ Matthew Forss

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