Sunday, July 29, 2012

CD Review: Julia Wade's 'Solos'

Julia Wade
Watchfire Music

Soulful and operatic pop structures weave in and out of classically-composed creations of sonic beauty mark the magnificence of Julia Wade's crystalline voice. Solos is a work of twelve songs that are spiritual and inspirational. The songs are influenced by the prose of Mary Baker Eddy--a spiritual thinker. "Today" showcases Julia's voice and a contemplative piano melody. "Mind's Camera" has an upbeat, seemingly spritely piano melody and Julia's signature voice that seems to echo operatic and classical influences. "The Sculptor" is a jaunty, almost theatrical song with vocal outbursts of harmonic color that are slightly bluesy overall. "Victory" contains spacious, aural sounds of Christian beauty and symphonic overtones. "Prayer" features the piano early on, but it quickly appears to carry Julia's voice to otherworldly--albeit, heavenly realms--for sure. Julia Wade is the female equivalent of Josh Groban, but there are hints of early Charlotte Church, too. Julia knows how to evoke magic with her beautiful voice. ~ Matthew Forss


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew,

I just want to thank you for your review of my CD "Solos." I deeply appreciate your thoughts and comments. I feel like you really "get" this 12-song work, and that you get what I am about. Thank you so much for communicating so clearly.

I am really thrilled to be able to share this music with your audience. Anyone wishing to listen to several songs from "Solos" can find them by visiting my reverbnation page:

Thank you again,Matthew!