Sunday, July 1, 2012

CD Review: Monette Marino Keita's 'Coup d'Eclat'

Monette Marino Keita
Coup d'Eclat
Djembefola Productions

Monette Marino Keita engaging Afro-funk-folk album, Coup d'Eclat, which means 'burst of radiance,' is a debut work that is inspired by nearly twenty-years of rhythms and sounds accumulated from Afro-Latin and African regions. The music is contemporary, but lively with bass, keyboards, drums, guitars, flugelhorn, flutes, sax, trumpet, congas, kora, steel drum, and many other instruments. A master percussionist, Monette Marino Keita probably owes some of her talents to her husband--Mamady Keita--an expert percussionist in his own right from Guinea, West Africa. The eleven tracks represent a highly-percussive concoction of danceable tunes steeped in thousands of years of history. This is an ideal album for the African percussion fan, funk, Afro-Latin, and Afro-jazz genres. Not one track is disappointing. Let the rhythm move you today! ~ Matthew Forss

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