Sunday, July 29, 2012

Song Review: Nick Carter Green's "ADD"

Nick Carter Green
Zuma Records

With ties between Illinois and Los Angeles, Nick Carter Green releases a hit new single with dance, R&B, and hip hop embellishments. The aptly-titled song, which focuses on repetition (both beat and lyrics), as well as a hyped-up melody, takes us on a techno-lined journey with swishy percussion, electronic blurbs, and various electronic noises. "ADD," which is the attention deficit disorder is probably not the best description, since the song is rather focused and tight. Nick's incorporation of electronic adornments and rap lyrics are especially intriguing, since the music is varied and never boring. Nick's vocals are similar in tone to Will Smith. At any rate, "ADD" is infectious, addictive, and something that cannot be ignored. ~ Matthew Forss

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