Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CD Review: The Venetian 'I Wanna Tell You A Story'

The Venetian
I Wanna Tell You A Story

Based in Los Angeles, California, The Venetian is an operatic rock band with flashy, carnival-esque clothing and symphonic riffs that are theatrical and engaging. The crunchy guitars, Italian and English vocals, and rock vein is reminiscent of Queen or Muse. The eighteen songs represent a story that does nothing but satisfy. The operatic theatrics of "Act II," showcase electronic washes, Italian lead vocals, and piano. "The Black Cat" is a bluesy, bass-laden song with jazzy percussion and rock gutiar progressions with background vocals. "My Good Friend" opens with solo guitar lines that are relatively reserved, even after the vocals are added for the first minute. However, the pace picks up and the rock presence adds a bit of glam with drum-kit percussion and keyboard washes. The reverberations of "Sometimes" contain funky guitars and a few muted electric guitar displays with drum-kit. The result is a classy, rock song with influences stemming from the 1970s. The combination of Italian sensibilities and diverse guitar tunings makes I Wanna Tell You A Story glow with rich rhythms, melodies, and powerful vocals. Overall, The Venetian knows how to produce stunning songs with style and grace. ~ Matthew Forss   

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