Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CD Review: Bree Rose's 'Breakthrough'

Bree Rose
Iafelice Publishing

The New Jersey-based power punk singer, Bree Rose, is tearing up the charts with a voice that is nothing unlike the talents of Michelle Branch, Avril Lavigne, and Kelly Clarkson. Despite obvious vocal characterizations, Bree Rose is a singer and guitarist with a different type of music and vision. The new music is clearly pop-driven, but there is a good amount of power punk thrown in for a little angst. However, the music is largely contemporary with some electronic embellishments and dance rhythms. "Hands Up" is a dance song with power punk elements, electronic infusions, and crystal clear vocals. "Breakthrough" showcases a bit of power rock elements with Avril-esque vocals and upbeat rhythms. "Wake Of Our Reckoning" is a power ballad with rumbling guitars, electronic echoes, and pop vocals. "Just Until You Bleed" begins with a little piano accompaniment and breathy, angelic vocals amidst a string-infused, electronic brew of musical ingeniousness. A bit of power rock music ends the song. "I'm Not Afraid" opens with an orchestral and electronic introduction that quickly delves into a power punk ballad with static-driven guitars. Breakthrough is a work of pure power punk beauty. ~ Matthew Forss  

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