Thursday, November 8, 2012

CD Review: Domenico's 'Cine Prive'

Cine Prive
Plug Research

Domenico's Brazilian and Italian heritage shine through on the contemporary and easy listening release, Cine Prive (Private Cinema). The sonic textures are rhythmic, nostalgic, bossa nova-inspired, and electronic without any worries of where the music can go. The music is littered with friendly little nuances that are blurby, dance-ready, trippy, and avant-garde to the hilt. The minimalist percussion and instrumentation is not a deterrent, as the vocals set the stage for engaging tracks and happy melodies that possess inner and outer beauty. The almost absurdist embellishments are relatively cohesive and pleasant throughout. This is one of the most exciting albums from Brazil I have ever come across. Own it today. Your ears will thank you. ~ Matthew Forss

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