Thursday, November 8, 2012

CD Review: Zekuhl's 'I Bolo'

I Bolo
Bolbo Art

Cameroonian-raised and Canadian-born, Zekuhl is a singer, guitarist, and prominent nkuu (wood drum) player that plays a Bolbo-Jazz style of music. The music incorporates several indigenous rhythms and genres, including assiko, bolbo, bikutsi, ndin, mangambeu, makossa, mbale, and mpeya. Based on local traditions and fused with jazz, Zekuhl creates a wonderful pop music of Afrobeat and soukous concoctions. Though entirely fresh and unique, Zekuhl is good enough to draw fans from Afro-pop and world fusion. Fans of African music, Cameroonian jazz, and afro-beat will love the danceable beats and rhythms of Zekuhl. Vocals in Basaa, English, and French. Twelve tracks in all. ~ Matthew Forss

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