Thursday, November 8, 2012

CD Review: Simon Spire's 'Uncomfortable'

Simon Spire

Born in New Zealand and based in New York City, Simon Spire is a great pop singer and guitarist with a knack for creating moving, upbeat, and catchy songs that are memorable and anything but uncomfortable. The clear vocals and good riffs are nothing to shake a stick at. "Today" is an upbeat pop-rock tune with full guitar sounds, harmony-laden vocals, and sparkling electronic additions that make the music shine with contemporary qualities. "The Blue Pill" contains a little piano accompaniment and a rousing vocal performance with limited percussion and instrumentation. "Liberate Your Love" contains an upbeat, dance melody with guitars, drums, and bass. Overall, the vocals are somewhere between Michael Stipe (REM) and Fountains Of Wayne. Check it out today! ~ Matthew Forss

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