Sunday, May 17, 2009

CD Review: Music of the Indian Ocean

Davy Sicard
Up Music

The French-infused rhythms and vocals of guitarist Davy Sicard carries on the tradition of contemporary music from Reunion--a small island east of Madagascar. A region of rarely heard music on a global scale, Davy's music is similar in rhythm to Mauritanian/French vocalist/guitarist, Daby Toure. Kabar is a laid-back, "lounge blues" of sorts, with melodic vocal calisthenics and pleasant guitar stylings. Davy not only utilizes the French language, but also a Creole variant spoken throughout much of the island. Some of the songs are more energetic than others, but all create a sense of emotional depth and musical richness. The breezy guitar tunings and sparkling addition of a plucked thumb piano on one track showcase some of the musical diversity on the island. Overall, the bluesy-pop tunes of Kabar should entice listeners all over the world. Liner notes include song lyrics and titles in Creole French. ~ Matthew Forss

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