Sunday, May 17, 2009

CD Review: 'Plateau' Reaches a High Note

Fortunate Recordings

Tibet's Soname brings her magical voice to her most recent recording, Plateau. The vocals shine high as the instrumentation nicely accompanies the entire production. In fact, you will hear the tabla, drums, guitars, keyboards, Celtic harp, flute, sarangi, strings, and a few other instruments. The album's style is comparable to recordings by the Real World label. Additionally, the liner notes are provided in English, French, and German. In regards to similar music, Soname's vocal and instrumental stylings resemble Mexico's Tonana, Uzbekistan's Sevara Nazarkhan, and Tibet's Yungchen Lhamo. The wide-reaching versatility of her music is evidenced by the fact of the abovementioned musicians. Though primarily of Central/South Asian origins, Soname mixes subtle infusions of Indian tabla drumming with short, bursts of flute and (other)worldly vocals. In short, Soname's Plateau rises high above the competition. ~ Matthew Forss

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