Sunday, May 17, 2009

CD Review: Cape Verdean Music from Portugal's Lura


Portugal's Lura was born to Cape Verdean parents, which allowed her to study and incorporate Cape Verdean music and rhythms into her compositions for her last few recordings, including the most recent one, Eclipse. The most globally-recognizable musician to come out of Cape Verde would have to be Cesaria Evora. Though an increasing number of musicians from the islands are garnering international attention, including Lura. Lura's emotive and sultry vocals match the gritty, earthy, and jazzy rhythms of the piano, strings, guitar, and percussion. Even though Cape Verde resides offshore of Western Africa, the primary musical influences tend to incorporate Latin or Caribbean tones. Though, Lura includes the indigenous styles of Cape Verde, including morna, funana, batuque, with a little fado thrown in. Is Eclipse the album that marks the pinnacle of Lura's musical career? It is doubtful, as each album seems to contain something new with each listen. Liner notes in Cape Verdean Creole. ~ Matthew Forss

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