Sunday, May 17, 2009

CD Review: Fado By Way of South Africa...Azores...and Lisbon

Katia Guerreiro

Fadista, Katia Guerreiro, was born in South Africa, moved to the Azores as a child, and studied medicine in Lisbon, Portugal. The latter move would ultimately allow Katia to embrace her fado beginnings. The appropriately titled album, Fado, is an excellent introspective examination of fado song structure and delivery. Yet, most listeners associate the late-Amalia Rodrigues, or the currently popular, Mariza, with fado stardom, Katia is equally deserving of such attention and fame. Every song is heartfelt and passionately performed. This is one of the lasting impressions of fado music. The rich tradition of fado follows the content of a mournful nature, often about love, or poor living. At any rate, Katia's beautiful voice is a heavenly addition to the fado world. The lyrics are provided in Portuguese. ~ Matthew Forss

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