Sunday, May 17, 2009

CD Review: Georgian-born, U.K. Singer/Songwriter Katie Melua

Katie Melua

Singer/songwriter, Katie Melua, grew up in the present-day country of Georgia in eastern Europe. After a short stint in Northern Ireland and current relocation in the U.K., Katie began her musical career. Pictures is a simple guitar/bass/drum-driven musical experience that shares the sounds of Western pop/folk rhythms. All the songs are sung in English and Katie's voice should have no problem drawing in youth listeners. The music is not electronica in nature. It is authentic, organic and sweetly-soulful. However, adults will be equally content with Katie's musical exploits. There is a classic, bluesy feel to some of the moments on the album. In general, it is easy to imagine the lyrical wordplay in filmic 'pictures'. Though, Pictures is about living life in motion, and struggling with snap-shots of history's memory lane. Regardless of the reason, Pictures is an album worth a listen. ~ Matthew Forss

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