Monday, May 18, 2009

CD Review: The Salsoul Songstress Cecilia Noel

Cecilia Noel
A Gozar! (To Enjoy)
Compass Records

A Peruvian-native, Cecilia Noel creates an energetic salsa and soul music that warrants a new term, "salsoul", which Cecilia coined. An obvious nod to Cuban and Latin music rumba, jazz, funk, and African elements permeates her musical creations. Most of A Gozar! is sung in Spanish, though English lyrics make a few short appearances. This is a highly danceable album best enjoyed with your favorite dance partner. The lively percussion, brass band section, and vocals section, is salsa performed in a slighty more aggressive style than the more familiar light-hearted, romantic-styled salsa. It is easy to imagine Cecilia Noel dancing around while singing these infectious tracks. The liner notes do not contain song lyrics, but song personnel are included. If you want to heat up your day, play a little A Gozar! and dance the night (and day) away. ~ Matthew Forss

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