Sunday, October 24, 2010

CD Review: Diogal's 'Urban Spirit'

Urban Spirit

Born in Senegal and living in France, Diogal has bridged both musical countries into his own infectious Afro-pop selections. A seemingly uncanny musical similarity to Mauritania's Daby Toure, Diogal's musical poetry sung in Wolof is a pleasant production of catchy, contemporary songs. Urban Spirit is a lively mix of what happens when old (language) and new (contemporary production/instruments) harmoniously collide. The groovy rhythms, guitar playing, and Diogal's spirited voice sets the tone for a great musical journey. This is not your average Afro-pop listening experience. "Bok Tuma" is a lively gem with an Afro-rock outro and the final track, "Weet", is a peaceful vocal tune accompanied by guitar and light percussion. The moving "Thiow Li" is a beautiful ballad sure to catch the ears of listeners everywhere. Seek out Diogal's Urban Spirit and you will not be disappointed. ~ Matthew Forss

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