Friday, October 29, 2010

CD Review: Galeet Dardashti's 'The Naming'

Galeet Dardashti
The Naming
Independent Release

The Persian-Jewish musical connections are showcased on Galeet's debut release. The Naming is a nod to bold and powerful women in the Old Testament of the Bible. Galeet sings with a great deal of emotion, seemingly bringing the Bible to life in song. With a smattering of Persian chants, Middle Eastern percussion, and Biblical quotes, The Naming encapsulates Galeet's ethnic roots of Iran and Israel, while currently based in the U.S. The distinctive Persian percussion with santur, qanun, and strings, accompany Galeet's mostly Hebrew language singing. The music seems to nicely bridge the past with the present without being overtly modern or wholly traditional. Galeet Dardashti is not as experimental as U.S.-based Iranian musician, Sussan Deyhim, or as traditional as Iran's Sima Bina or the Dasten Ensemble. Regardless, The Naming is a solid release of songs with a purpose and a past. Coincidentally, another purpose is to enjoy the music for what it is worth. It is a riotous journey of Biblical proportions! ~ Matthew Forss

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