Friday, October 1, 2010

CD Review: Colombia's Systema Solar

Systema Solar

The colorful soundscapes of Colombia's Systema Solar defy easy categorization. The music is largely funkadelic with a touch of Balkan brass and Afro-Latin beats amid a techno background. The vocal elements primarily eschew hip-hop or rap overtones. The dazzling instrumentation and electronic beats encompass a party-like atmosphere wherever the music is played. If the attractive CD packaging is any indication of the music's content, then you know you are in for nothing less than a magical psychedelic listening experience. Some of the tracks contain straight up beats with less dependence on vocals, while others are more lyrically driven. Still, Systema Solar is one big street party with modern sounds from the Caribbean and beyond. Overall, the varied beats of Systema Solar signify an intrepid journey of interstellar or cosmic proportions. Even village elders will be found tapping their feet and bobbing their heads to the sounds of Systema Solar. ~ Matthew Forss

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