Thursday, October 7, 2010

CD Review: Huun Huur Tu 'Step'pes It Up!

Ancestor's Call

The galloping sounds of Tuva's throat-singing and instrumental ensemble, Huun Huur Tu, are revisited as more modernized sound palettes accentuate the group's characteristic style of ancient melodies. Keep in mind, the group's traditional instruments are still here, including the igil, doshpuluur, flute, byzaanchi, igil, and drums. The addition of the guitar eloquently steers the songs into a glorious setting of listenable comfort. For the most part, the songs are reinvented from their earlier Orphan's Lament (Shanachie, 1994), but one selection, 'Konguroi', makes an appearance from Sixty Horses in My Herd (Shanachie, 1993), as well as 'Saryglarlar' from Eternal (Electrofone, 2009). There is a slightly modernized tone to the songs without showy electronic elements or techno/dance noises. Essentially, Ancestor's Call is culled from thousands of years of throat-singing traditions for a new generation. This is a slight departure from Eternal (Electrofone, 2009), which featured the electronic wizardry of Carmen Rizzo. At any rate, Huun Huur Tu 'step'pes it up like no one else! ~ Matthew Forss

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