Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CD Review: Finland's Islaja

Keraaminen Paa
Islaja is the name of Finland's Merja Kokkonen. Her latest album, Keraaminen Paa (Ceramic Head), is a Finnish language album of avante-garde folk and experimental electronica. Though, Keraaminen Paa is a fairly lo-fi recording with moments of electronic instrumentation similar to Norway's Sorten Muld and contemplative vocals that are a bit more bizarre in the vein of Sweden's Sofia Jannok and Iceland's Bjork. The earthy sounds do not necessarily reflect a melodic pattern, but the shamanic beats of "Rakkauden Palvelija" contrast with the spacey, atmospheric sounds of "Ihmispuku". Islaja's voice is mysterious, haunting, and full of life. The modern folk-electronica genre in Scandinavia is widespread and varied. However, Islaja's sound also takes on similar tones and melodies with the Faroe Islands' Valravn. Basically, anyone into Scandinavian folk-electronica with ambient leanings will enjoy the slower, more adventurous tones of Keraaminen Paa. The Finnish liner notes are also translated into English. ~ Matthew Forss


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Matthew Forss said...

Thanks for your support. Keep reading (and listening)!