Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CD Review: Nigeria's Tirogo


Tirogo was a 1970's Afro-psych-funk group from Nigeria. First recorded in 1977, the songs of Float feature the best in psychedelic-guitar music to come out of West Africa. Rock guitar, lounge beats, and funky organ sounds emanate from all of the tracks. As an added bonus, an interview with bassist, percussionist, and vocalist Wilfred Ekanem is included in the liner notes. Float soars with Heavenly Afro-rock beats, swirling organ sounds, and groovy English vocals. The swaying sounds of Afro-funk are particularly noticeable on "Gypsy Girl" and "Let's Feed The Nation". The band members include Wilfred Ekanem, Elvy Akhionbare (lead guitar, percussion), Wilfred Iwang (drums, vocals, percussion), Fumi Onabolu (keyboards, percussion), and Godwin Debogie (conga, percussion, vocals). Anyone with a passionate interest in 70's Afro-funk and psychedelic music should seek out the groovy sounds of Float. Float doesn't sink! ~ Matthew Forss

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