Friday, February 15, 2013

CD Review: Harnam's 'A Fearless Heart'

A Fearless Heart

Harnam brings us poignant kirtan and yoga tunes on his latest release, A Fearless Heart. Harnam is a vocalist and guitarist. Harnam is joined by Ram Dass Khalsa on vocals, guitars, slide guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, percussion, and programming. Lakshmi Light is a guest vocalist, along with Siri Kartar Singh on pedal steel. These light mantras are blissful, peaceful, and memorable tunes of spiritual pleasure. There are seven long tracks with lush melodies, sparkling guitar work, and angelic programming that is earthy, authentic, and natural to a tee. The Sanskrit songs are often repeated throughout each song to create a higher sense of awareness. Everyone should be aware of Harnam’s musical gifts. Let me introduce Harnam to the world! ~ Matthew Forss  

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