Friday, February 1, 2013

CD Review: Oli Rockberger's 'Old Habits'

Oli Rockberger
Old Habits
Oli Road Records

The moving and pleasant musical concoctions of New York-based singer, songwriter, producer, keyboardist, and arranger are cleverly showcased on Oli's sophomore release, Old Habits. The vocals are indicative of John Mayer, but the musical structure is more mature and jazzy than typical rock or pop music. The jazz, blues, gospel, and roots musical influences are highly developed and a pleasure to experience. The piano and harmonica add a jazzy addition to the music, along with bass, drums, keyboards, and the beautifully-executed Fender Rhodes embellishments. There are ten tracks in all, but "Never Grow Old" is repeated twice--once as a vocal track and the other as an instrumental reprise. The breezy opener, "Live A Lie," is a great tune with brushy percussion, sparkling electronic tones, and rippling bass lines. The entire album is marked with lush melodies, plaintive piano, light percussion, infectious grooves, and moving rhythms that are littered with musical goodness. Nothing is left out here. Old Habits is a new album that will never get old with each listen. ~ Matthew Forss 

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