Friday, February 1, 2013

CD Review: DJ Sun's 'One Hundred'

DJ Sun
One Hundred

Houston, Texas-based DJ and music aficionado, DJ Sun, releases a hit list of nineteen exciting tracks that span the globe. The music is highly danceable, but not too fast relaxation is out of the question. The trippy grooves and electronic samples with lively vocals are adventurous and captivating. There are loads of instrumental embellishments from horns to harps and everything in-between. The sonic structures reflect a global fusion of sorts that are great for the dance hall or bedroom. The deep sounds and sketchy scratches are somewhat reminiscent of Royskopp. This music is richly-textured from global wanderings and unique, down-tempo lounge sounds. Anyone with an interest in electronic music, groove music, down-tempo, hip-hop instrumentals, and soul-funk will love DJ Sun. ~ Matthew Forss

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