Friday, February 15, 2013

CD Review: Nilson Matta's 'Black Orpheus'

Nilson Matta
Black Orpheus

Nilson Matta reimagines the music of  the play, Orfeu da Conceicao, and a film, Black Orpheus--both of which are Brazilian. Nilson is a Brazilian bassist and producer. The music of Brazilian is varied and often jazz-inspired. In this case, Black Orpheus is littered with jazz inflections that border on session jazz, smooth jazz, and contemporary instrumental. There is a heavy Brazilian flavor, danceable bossa nova embellishments, and giddy rhythms that are very moving. The classic jazz references to the 1950’s are incredibly relevant here with scintillating guitar work, effervescent percussion, and soulful, albeit sultry, vocals. There are seventeen tracks in all and several tunes are attributed to Antonio Carlos Jobim. Other tunes are created by Luiz Bonfa, V. de Moraes, and Nilson himself. Anyone familiar with Brazilian jazz—and classic Brazilian jazz especially—will love Nilson’s homage to a nostalgic and unforgettable musical era. Buy Black Orpheus today! ~ Matthew Forss

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